Why I Write the Way I Do

Most blogs suck.  Sorry folks but that is true.  The “standard” blog format lends itself to shallow posts and poor grammar.  Blogging, the convention suggests, lends itself to quantity over quality, and that doesn’t jive with how I do things.  I like to go deep with my posts, give you background, context, commentary.  I don’t just report the news that I find interesting, I talk about it, analyze it, actually write about it.  I have a passion for what I talk about, and I wouldn’t dare limit myself by holding fast to brevity.

It goes without saying that I lack proper training in journalism.  I can never begin to say that this website will ever be truly professional.  My writing style has been called “thorough” which I suppose is a nice way of saying “long-winded.”  Indeed, many may say that the way I compose my posts are not conducive to the blog format of quick little posts.  My response is: have patience.  Yes, my posts are long, but they are packed with information.  In all honestly, I would not refer to this as a blog, but more of a “digital column” akin to newspapers (may their memory be a blessing).

I am not an engineer, nor have I ever taken any collegiate-level courses in electronics or writing.  But I am not a poor writer or ignorant about what I write about.  Rather, my style of writing lends itself well to certain material, and my self education in technology also lends itself to this in-depth form of writing. I like to explain things, sometimes to be overly clear.  This is a blog not only for techies, but for people who want to grasp some basics of all these complex concepts floating around them.  I am passionate about what I write about and I would be doing my readers a disservice if I didn’t do my part to spread knowledge.  My length comes from my attempt to educate the masses.

As such, don’t approach my blog like any other.  Come to Digital Gravitas with a thirst for knowledge and a little time to read the posts.  I pride myself on how I write, even if it is not the most concise or easy way to do so.  And yes, I have much to improve on (one reader once said, I hope in jest, that I had “massacred the english language”.  To which I responded “I wouldn’t say ‘massacre’, just ‘manslaughter'”) but as a literature teacher once told me “The art of grammar died many years ago.”  I will continue to write about technology for as long as I can, and I hope I can satisfy both tech fanatics and the technologically ignorant at the same time.


6 comments on “Why I Write the Way I Do

  1. I do the same, and for the same reasons. I prefer the web journals to blogs ala Tweets. True, there are times when the less said the better, and times when fewer words pack a more thorough punch than do many words. And there the times when silence is not only golden but is preferred. I love your site and the manner in which you express yourself and that which matters to you.

    Congrats on your graduation and your obvious future in journalism. Millions of readers prefer the writings and musings of those who speak to the ordinary rather than those who are attempting to converse — largely ineffectively and unintendedly humourous and sad — to those with an IQ above that of Bill Gates or God. The writers of government docs come to mind.

    When you say from the heart and from a passion, all else will fall into place. The following you build will be those whom you would and are affiliating with outside of cyber-space. All your articles are wonderful. You are not a blogger. You are a journalist. Anyone can blog. Not everyone can write to both inform, educate, inspire, and create a desire to think, feel, learn, heed, hear, see, or create an internal environment of positive rage to incite action against negative actions.


  2. Lol, I actually don’t see any mistakes in your writing. It’s also nice to see a blogger here on wp.com who isn’t blogging about something asian or “SEO.” Crap, I like your blog =D

    Oh, and I’m subscribing, you can’t stop me! =P

    P.S. Want to make some posts on my blog? [http://grindgadget.com]? Just asking, always looking for other people to write. Just email me if you want to. (david@grindgadget.com)

  3. I am a student of linguistics, and we are taught that the language spoken around you is the correct form. You sound intelligent and also not like a robot, so I think you win.

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