About Me

After ripping apart my Grandfather’s 386 DOS machine in 1997, I became fascinated with the intricate workings and complex layout of computers and all things digital.  My parents had to keep an eye on all their electronics to make sure I wasn’t trying to take them apart.  I had no idea what I was looking at, unable to separate resistors from the processor or RAM, but I knew it was special and I could tell it was the future.  By 2001, the die was cast and I joined the fervent ranks of Mac users with my first new computer: the iMac G3.  While I originally chose the Mac for its bright colors, I instantly fell in love with the actual workings of the Classic Mac OS.  So despite the advantages my Windows-bearing friends had (like being able to multitask and game), I became a stubborn, late 90s/early 00s Mac user.

Also around this time, I discovered the Internet via my mother.  At the time it was nothing more than dial-up on AOL 5.0, but this was again a milestone for my technical education.  While the internet was still remarkably limited at this time, I devoured any opportunity to go online and often had to fight my brother who booted me off by using the phone for hours on end (sigh, remember the 90s?).  Luckily, by 2003 the family moved to broadband and I had internet access in my room.  As the years went by, the internet evolved, I discovered Wikipedia, and my self-education in technology began in earnest.

By high school I was sure I wanted to be an engineer, building and designing computers for the big guys: Intel, Apple, IBM, or AMD.  Then I realized that I sucked at math and those dreams would not come true. However, I was a pretty good writer and could explain things pretty well to the technologically inept.  In many ways, that is where this blog’s concept came from: wanting to explain the technical and make it accessible, to educate others and share knowledge.  So here I am with a new future and a new dream: to write.  Write about technology, the internet, games, and our changing culture as all this new stuff hits us.

Gabe Salkin is a Sophomore at the George Washington University in Washington D.C studying Journalism.  When not blogging his brains out and battling the academic requirements of college, Gabe is a member of the Zeta Nu chapter of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Besides from technology, Gabe acts, writes comedy, watches movies and plays too many video games.  Currently in the job market, he is also interested in doing Freelance writing.


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  1. Gabe, I never actually looked at this before now, but damn I am really impressed. This is so awesome.

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