The Origins of Digitas Gravitas

A few years ago I had started an old blog called Gigabiter for effectively the same purpose as this – to spread news and new ideas about technology, whether in gaming, computing, or internet culture.  That mission remains the same today as I restart my online persona with a new, more professional design and more professional attitude.  With the digital world around us changing as such a fast pace – indeed the speed of light – it seems that we need a way to sort through and interpret the changes occurring in this very real, yet virtual, world.  That, my dear readers, is part of the mission: to interpret and share insight into how technology around us is changing, how it has affected our lives and our physical world, and how we might best use this for the future.  I hope to accomplish this, I hope such a mission statement like this will motivate you to read my humble commentary and myself to keep posting.  Here’s to the future, because it’s already here.

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